Marketing Team aims to further the professional development of its members through weekly market updates, challenging activities and start-up consultation.


We host weekly meetings led by experienced members that focus on various marketing topics from the key foundations (4P’s, 5C’s, STP, etc) to more advance concepts (Data Analysis in Excel, Digital Marketing, Adobe Creative).

Weekly Meetings


Each school semester, every member has the privilege of presenting a weekly market update that includes information on significant marketing-related events. Through this, team members are able to stay up-to-date, discuss questions and answers related to important developments within the business landscape, and interact with alumni that work within the field of marketing.

Market Updates


Our team members work closely with various companies that have marketing needs. Our members receive first hand experience of interacting with clients, working with teams to pursue business goals, and applying concepts learned within classes and meetings to real work.

Client Work

Join our Team!

Members learn the fundamentals of marketing principles and apply their knowledge through start-up consultation. Additionally, marketing team members gain exposure to real-world industry trends and global strategy. We also hope to prepare them for prospective careers in marketing through public speaking, interview practice, and case studies.


Weekly Marketing Team meetings are open to all ABSA members hoping to learn about this exciting field!