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Our Application 

Every student, regardless of major, is welcome to apply to M-Team. We’re looking for students that have a passion or interest in marketing or consulting. 


M-Team's spring 2024 applications are open NOW and will be due Wednesday, February 7th by 11:59PM CST! Remember, at least one info session is required to apply. You can find more important information and our recruiting schedule on our Instagram as well!

Application FAQ

  • What if I’m not an ABSA member?
    You are still welcome to apply! All applicants, regardless of major or membership status, are evaluated equally.
  • Does not being a member affect my application?
    Absolutely not. ABSA membership is not taken into consideration during the application or interview process
  • Do I need prior experience?
    Nope! As an organization we are here to teach you new consulting skills as well as arm you with resources to develop as a business professional
  • What does M-Team look for in an applicant?
    While Texas Marketing Team does not require any prior experience, we mainly look for some of the following characteristics: Passion/interest in marketing Team culture fit Willing to learn Dedication and attitude Creativity Besides these characteristics, we evaluate all applicants holistically!
  • What does the application process look like?
    As a quick outline, each application will open at the beginning of the school year and typically closes within 1-2 weeks. Afterwards, applicants are contacted to move forward to the interview stage. Following the interview, candidates will receive a notification of acceptance or rejection.
  • Where else can I contact M-Team about specific questions or concerns?
    You could reach us on our Instagram (@absamarketingteam) for the quickest response, or email us at
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