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Past Alumni

Many of our M-Team alumni have gone on to accomplish amazing things. From large companies to emerging start-ups, our organization boasts a network of talented people that are always willing to support with current team members.

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Grace Zhou

Class of 2023

Finance, Chinese minor

Grace is currently working as a CMBS Analyst at Citi

Areas of Interest

Music, Art, Architecture, Interior Design, Cooking (Asian or Italian)

Portfolio website


Theodore "Teddy" Jiang

Class of 2023

Finance, Economics

Teddy is currently a business analyst at Kearny

Areas of Interest

Weightlifting, cooking, history, video games (LoL)


Victoria Vu

Class of 2023

Management Information Systems, Finance minor

Victoria is currently working as a Technology Analyst at Accenture

Areas of Interest

Design, Painting, K-Dramas, Going out to eat, Spotify Analytics

Catherine Guo

Class of 2023


Catherine spent the summer interning as a product marketer for IBM in Austin!

Areas of Interest

Traveling, Photography


Benjamin Tung

Class of 2022

MIS, Marketing Minor

Ben is currently working as a Management Consultant for Credera

Favorite Hobby

"Really love tennis rn even though I'm not good :/"



Jade Yeng

Class of 2022

iMPA Accounting

Jade is currently working as a staff member for EY

Favorite Food 

"I love a good steaming hot bowl of pho"



Aaron Zou

Class of 2021


Aaron is currently working as SEO Coordinator at PMG

Somewhere You've Always Wanted to Travel to and Why

"Somewhere I've always wanted to travel to is Jeju Island! Looks so beautiful, and it would be nice to hike the trails and enjoy the beach."



Jeffrey Sun

Class of 2021


Jeffrey is currently working as a Data Analyst at IBM

Favorite Country You Visited and Why

"Peru has been the most insane country I’ve ever been to. The people are so friendly and the adventures are out of this world. They host 75% of earths ecosystems in their country, leading to a vast array of diverse and beautiful, natural landmarks. It’s home to oceans, mountain ranges, desert dunes, the amazon rainforest, and more. This also leads to fresh ingredients with some of the top restaurants in the world being in Lima. I spent so long there and didn’t even do Machu Picchu so I gotta go back someday!"


image (1).jpg

Ivy Wang

Class of 2021

MIS, Music​

Ivy is currently working as an 

Audience Integration Specialist for Warner Music Group

Favorite Song and Why

"Fly as Me by Silk Sonic. The entire album is unique, but the extra funk and interesting chords/harmonies make this song standout "



Olivia Li

Class of 2021


Olivia is currently working as a Teacher for Teach for America Corps

Favorite Song and Why

"Late Night Talking by Harry Styles. The entire Harry's House album feels really nostalgic, but the lyrics of the song give me first love vibes and I love the idea of summarizing an extremely close relationship with late night talks."


Wang, Cameron - Headshot.jpg

Cameron Wang

Class of 2020


Cameron is currently working as an Investment Banking Analyst for J.P. Morgan

Favorite Restaurant Recommendation

"I love a good Omakase, and if you are ever in Manhattan, definitely try a bowl from Kissaki. They have fresh fish and an artistic touch."



Daniel Han Lee

Class of 2019


Daniel is currently working in Growth Marketing and Mental Health for Teladoc Health. 

Cause that you care about

Health Reform, education reform, and sustainability :)


Eileen Bau

Class of 2020

Business Honors, Plan II Honors

Eileen Bau is currently working as a Product and Project Manager at the BHW Group

Fun Fact You Love and Why

"Baby bunnies are called kittens T.T <3 :)"



Amy Xin

Class of 2018

Marketing, MIS, Advertising Minor

Amy is currently working as a Web Optimization Manager at Visa

Favorite Food

"Sichuan/Thai dishes any day, any time"


ID Photo - George Zhang.jpg

George Zhang

Class of 2020

Electrical and Computer Engineering, Business Foundation Minor

George is currently working as a Network Engineer for Cisco

Favorite Food

"Sushi 🍣 "



Lissa Zhang

Class of 2018


Lissa is currently working as a Gaming Experience Product Manager at HP. 

Favorite TV Show and Why

"One Piece! The manga has more than 1000 episodes, and I do not regret the hours I have spent watching it. It has great characters and a strong story.

- Lissa

2017 and Beyond

Jason Jung

Class of 2017

Marketing, Finance Minor

Jason is currently working as a Product Marketer for Salesforce


Sonia Hedge

Class of 2017

MIS, Marketing Minor

Sonia is currently working as a Senior Analyst at Lyft

Favorite Food

"A batch of freshly baked cookies!"

- Sonia


Sneha Patel

Class of 2016


Sonia is currently working as a Product Marketing Manager at Greenhouse

Favorite Food


- Sneha

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